Cafezinho Concert Series

The Cafezinho Concert Series is a live musical conversation between voice and flute. Cafezinho (kafE-ziɲu) is a word from Brazilian Portuguese which literally means “little coffee” and figuratively means “little break.” In Brazil, people pause for a cafezinho between classes, to visit with friends and family, or to take a break from work. It is served in tiny cups…a little shot of hot coffee and sugar!

In four twenty-minute tiny concerts, we will present a variety of repertoire, including free improvisation on poetry, writings, and other artistic works. Advocacy to social and cultural causes will be addressed within the parameters of the our repertoire.

Concerts have been scheduled for live streaming beginning on Monday June 22, 2020 from 4:40-5:00pm. The streaming is available through the Anima Vox Facebook Page, through our YouTube channel, and also right here on our homepage.

We hope you will join us for a musical cafezinho! Please like us on Facebook!

Mondays 4:40pm

June 22: Black Lives Matter

Improvisations based on poetry and images of people of color, including Leslye Colvin, Langston Hughes, and Lucille Clifton.

June 29: Children’s Songs

Children’s Songs from around the world, improvisations on art and images by children, and the children’s poetry of Maya Angelou.

July 06: Irish Folksongs

John Corigliano’s Three Irish Folksongs for voice and flute, and more!

July 13: Latinx Revolution