O Blissful Loss of Self Finalists!

We are excited to announce the finalists for the O Blissful Loss of Self  Call for Scores by Women.

The process of choosing finalists was very, VERY, difficult because so many interesting and beautiful pieces were submitted. We have narrowed down the selections to the finalists below. They are listed in no particular order. We plan to announce the top compositions by the end of September. Congratulations, finalists!


Blissful Loss of Self Music set to poems by Chinese Buddhist Nuns, from Daughters of Emptiness

by Melissa Tosh

Five Songs of Mirabai by Elyse Hart

A Cycle of Love Songs by Evgeniya Kozhevnikova

My Heart is Like a Singing Bird by Anna Vriend

2 Songs to Poems by Sylvia Plath by Naomi Wienroth

Ultimo Suspiro by Renata Sokachyk

Mortal Herida by Maria Christine Muyco

The Birth of a Shadow by Negin Zomorodi

In the Abode of my Lover and Lord (Forest Hymn) by Heather Niemi Savage